I led a major rebrand at NCSA. As part of the IMG Academy acquisition, NCSA rebranded to align closer to IMG’s brand standards. Our main goal was to create a brand where potential clients saw themselves joining and being a part of the dream of playing sports in college. We wanted a warm inviting, photo forward approach that told the story of our clients enjoying the recruiting experience and playing sports in college. We wanted the audience to see themselves in these designs/photos and want to be there and a part of this journey.

The NCSA homepage (above) was redesigned in a large rebrand project.
The focus was to bring more of the human element to our website and focus more on the athletes behind our brand.
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I designed landing page templates to assist in their lead capture goals and created flexible layouts for future projects.

Waitt Interactive (now Wave Interactive)

I worked at Waitt Interactive, a small digital agency in one of my first roles as a Junior Graphic designer. I designed work for both local and national companies. I gained experience in everything from branding to website design.